IAA 2017: The wild seventies!


Most of you guys might have heard that the IAA, the international automotive exhibition, took place in Frankfurt for the last two weeks. Of course there was a lot of coverage of the latest cars, new concepts and the technology of the future. As every important automotive blog has kept us all up to date during the time of the fair, I thought that I should focus on something else than the latest news. That’s why I wanted to bring you guys all the information I could get about the exhibition “the wild seventies” that was displayed along with the main show:

As you might have already guessed by the name, the exhibition was all about tuned, customized and fast cars of the seventies. In opinion this is one of the coolest themes a car exhibition can have. First of all because this is my all time favorite decade and second because most of the cars from these days are legends today.
Also it´s quite interesting to find a lot of style touches from these days in modern tuning again. Especially when it comes to wide body constructions. If you look at those you know where the name “wild seventies” came from.

But not only wide body was a big thing these days. Another speciality you could find in different cars displayed there was the modification of roofs and doors. Everybody wanted either a Lambo or at least some kind of convertible back then. So the conclusion was to heavily modify the doors and roofs so that freaked out creations like a gullwing Mercedes SL or a roof construction that turns into a rear spoiler were born.
What´s quite interesting about most of those constructions is the fact that nearly all of them were just about the looks. So it was more show and shine than power back then. Even if some of those super wide body cars look like they could be straight from the race track.

Matching to all those general observations of all the cars that were displayed, there was a whole separate section of the famous tuner “bb Auto” from Germany.
The company was founded in 1973 were it quickly became world famous for designing and building absolute dream cars based on Porsches and Mercedes. What set them apart from most other tuners period, was that they had an own development department were they were working on things like early park distance controls and digital dashboards. Things that are nowadays part of every car. But back in the seventies this was some serious future technology.
Another thing is that they had their own signature pearl color custom made for them by the chemical company Merck.
Knowing this it is not too special anymore that they also did interior touches and fully interior conversions on every car they worked on.

But of course it was not only show and shine around at the exhibition as there were also race cars like the Peugeot 205 rally car, a DeTomaso Pantera race spec and a wild racing tuned Ferrari by Koenig. Another cool car from the motorsport corner was a rally Opel Manta Type A. Unfortunately a car you don´t see too often these days.

Altogether it was a great experience and a nice contrast to all those super and electric cars that were displayed in all the other halls.
I hope you enjoyed my coverage of this not so popular part of the IAA and would be happy for every like, subscribe and comment.


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