Weekend Italiano Storico: A must visit for fans of italian cars

Every year there is a car event in Frankfurt, Germany which any fan of italian cars should consider to write in his or her appointment book. But of course not everyone who is reading this lives in Germany or near Frankfurt. So I wanted to let all of you guys and girls have some impressions of what was going on there:

I really love the mixture of old and new, rare and common italian cars all gathered in one place. Everything glued together by a passion for those special, south european cars.
Of course there are also other interesting cars from all around the world displayed as well, but I personally wanted to cover for you the variety of those so called “bella macchinas” of all kinds.

Hope you enjoyed this small collection of pictures and I also hope that I was able to show you guys those nice vibes that were going on at this meeting. For all of you guys that want more and have an Instagram account I would like to give you a hint to follow me on Instagram for some more photos of this event. Just look for @motoreyezer

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