DeTomaso Pantera: Italian design paired with american muscle?

If you are asked to think of an italian dreamcar you usually think of a Ferrari or Lamborghini. Maybe you’re a fan of italian cars so that you consider a Maserati or Alfa Romeo as the car of yor dreams. But I bet that the name DeTomaso wouldn’t be on the list.

But why? Maybe because the brand isn’t around anymore since 2004. Another reason could be that there weren’t too many of them around anymore, as most production numbers couldn’t reach 1000 pieces. Both points may be responsible for the fact that you haven’t heard of this company, but they are also the reason why I’m writing this post.


The italian car manufacturer DeTomaso the was founded in the early sixties as a small family business with a racing background. As motorsports in those days was nearly completely do it yourself with a lot of try and error, the step into building sports cars for the street wasn’t that big at all. Of course there wasn’t only the family on their own. The engines were the same legendary Ford V8s that were used in the early generation Mustangs and the body was made in collaboration with Ghia.


That combination is also the reason why a DeTomaso of the sixties and seventies can be considered as one of the most desirable cars of this time. Think of it. You have italian sports car design that fits just between the Ferraris and Lamborghinis of this time, but with trusty Ford V8. As you can see I’m quite a fan of those cars.



Also I’m talking about a particular car as I’m writing this post and haven’t named it once yet. Of course I’m talking about the Pantera. The most recognizable and also the most successful car of the brand. Successful in this case means that this is the only DeTomaso built more than a thousand times. All other cars were only built a few hundred years times.


But the Pantera has a significant difference to all other sports cars of this time. As all of its competitors were built to go fast in the first place and the comfort was always second priority, the Pantera was manufactured the other way around. So the main focus was on a manor what we call “power cruising” today and that made the car quite special for those times.

I hope that you enjoyed reading my short spotlight on the DeTomaso brand. Please make sure to leave a like and click on follow for more interesting posts about cars weekly.



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