Why you shouldn’t always trust in “premium brands”

One of the biggest concerns about buying a new car is the fear of buying bad quality. A fear of false investment, of being tricked by the industry and of course a fear of having to pay a lot more money than expected after the purchase is already done. That’s why a lot of people tend to buy premium brands regardless of the car they are looking for. Now I would like to tell you that quality differences are much smaller than you would expect.

My favourite example is the BMW 1 Series. A small car from a premium brand with a premium price tag. With that informations you should expect that this car is superior to most of its competitors. But unfortunately it’s not that simple. The 1 series has had a lot of trouble with their entry level four cylinder engines. An engine category that is successfully made by many manufacturers from all around the world for many years, for cars costing a half of the BMW.Of course their in line six cylinder engines are still top notch and as close to indestructible as it gets but you should inform yourself about the models and their strengths and weaknesses.


On the other hand you have a Skoda Fabia, one of the cheapest cars available, that made it to one million kilometers in only two years. If you’re now asking yourself where the downside is, I can’t tell you either as the car still has its first clutch, engine and turbo. Turbo? Yes! The small millionaire was equipped with an 1,9 liter turbo Diesel engine. That means that you also have a fuel consumption of 3,9 liters per 100 kilometer. In my opinion those are so some crazy results speaking for real quality.


What I wanted to tell you with this little comparison is that there are of course still cars with issues, but there really aren’t bad brands anymore. Even if a car is quite cheap in comparison it can still be a good bang for the buck. So I would like to advise you to look out for the car you really like, check for the most recommended spec and go out and get it. Even if it isn’t a “highly recommended premium car”

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