VW Type 3: Not your typical Bus or Beetle

If you are looking for a vintage Volkswagen you are most likely interested in a 60s Beetle or one of the first two types of busses. Or maybe you are looking for the 70s – 80s cars like the Golf MK1, the Corrado or the Scirocco. But I bet that you won’t be looking for the car that I would like to showcase in this post – and that’s a pity:In this weeks post I want to talk about the VW Type 3, or 1500/1600. Those cars were built between the sixties and the seventies and were meant to fill the slot between the Bus, better known as Bulli, and the Beetle. Conceptional it was quite similar to the above mentioned cars: Flat four cylinder engine in the back and with 40 to 50 horsepower, a bit more powerful than the beetle.


The car was available as a wagon (Variant), a fastback (TL) and a sedan. Especially the fastback looked really nice and it’s quite a secret to me why those cars aren’t more popular. But not only the fastback was a nice car. If you ask me, the wagon was the real star of the lineup, as it has a lot of space with a quite sporty look for it´s age.

IMG_1272.jpgWhat all of the 1500 and 1600 models have in common is, that you can get them for a comparably legit price. So if you’re looking for a german classic that is individual and practical at the same time – have a look at the Type 3 or better the 1500 and 1600 Volkswagens.



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