Is more power always equal more fun?

First of all, I don´t want to argue about the question if more power is better than less power. I think that everybody who reads this blog is crazy enough to get amazed by pure horsepower.
What I want to talk about in this post is the question, if that should be the goal for your own car and if it is maybe possible to have the same fun in a slower car too?I want to start with a little story about myself:
As I was visiting Italy last year, I had to pay a visit to Maranello – the birthplace of Ferrari.
Unfortunately I wasn´t to excited by the Ferrari museum at all. Of course it is cool to see a rather big selection of Ferrari racecars gathered in a quite nice location but it was more like a huge commercial display than a museum. But I guess that this is what Ferrari is all about.

Aside from the quite disappointing visit in the museum I also decided to take advantage of one of the thousand exotic car rentals around Maranello and take a Ferrari California for a short spin. Although I was just for 15 minutes I made a really interesting experience during this drive.
Even though that I had a lot of fun driving this crazy machine I recognized the huge downside of that much power: You just can´t use it the way it is meant to be on regular streets!
The average petrolhead won´t be able to get a real use of such a powerful car.

What surprised me even more was the fact that I had even more fun driving my little Abarth 595 after the Ferrari. It was just much more fulfilling to get to use the full power of the car without reaching the tempo limit in just under 6 seconds.


What I really want to tell you is that you don´t need over 300 HP to have fun driving. For me it is all about the feeling of driving, hearing the engine roar and taking the car to its limits.
In opinion you can get the most pleasure of driving from a vintage or a small and light modern sports car. Maybe a Lotus Elise or an old Alfa Romeo.


What do you guys think about this matter? Let me know in the comments down below.



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