Fiat 600 Multipla: A crazy combination!

As you guys might already know, I’m a real sucker for italian cars of all kinds. So I am, of course, also a big fan of the iconic Fiat 500. A car of a car whole generation, like the VW Beetle for the Germans or the Ford Mustang for Americans. But, like all those other iconic cars, the 500 had a a not so popular brother: The Fiat Seicento or, for all other countries, the Fiat 600.The 600 was one size bigger than the 500 so that you actually could fit four adults in it without the feeling that you will never be able to leave the car without proper lubrication. It was also equipped with a stronger and much more reliable four cylinder engine. Altogether those facts are making the Fiat Seicento to a great and affordable alternative to the, a bit overpriced, early Fiat 500 models.


But there is more! If you’re looking for a car concept that is crazy and quite innovative at the same time, you should take a closer look at the Fiat 600 Multipla. I know that most people are instantly thinking of that unbelievably ugly car of the nineties when they are hearing the name Multipla. But The would advise you to rethink your prejudices.


This Multipla was a little Bus or Van based on the Seicento platform. The first, quite unconventional, construction detail is that they decided to keep the size of the regular 600 and turn the space of the hood into another row of seats. This was possible because of the rear engine construction of the base car. The result was a bus or even a camper of a size around 4 meters. So just a little bigger than a Fiat 500 of today. If this concept wasn’t crazy enough, the renowned tuner Carlo Abarth took this car and tuned the engine to up to 100 HP, depending on the stage of modifications.
That paired with around 600 kilos turned the car into a real racecar.

And if that isn’t a crazy combination, I don´t know what is.

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