How big does your car really need to be?

This week I will talk about the age old question: How big is enough?
Of course there are some people who answer this question with: The bigger, the better. But let’s not get immature and stay by the facts:This topic means a lot to me as some people seem to have heavy issues when it comes to evaluation of sizes. One example is a guy I once met. This man was told me that he had to sell his BMW 3 series to touring because he just became a daddy. So far so logical, even though I think that a BMW 3 touring could have covered his needs as well. Some of you know might guess that he changed to an SUV as the higher seating position is quite comfortable if you are seating a little child. But hell no. This guy stepped his game up to a VW Bus. You know, this huge car with seven seats and enough space to move a mid sized household. I don’t know about you guys but I think thats quite ridiculous.

In my opinion you can handle a small, three person, family quite well with a car like a Ford Focus or some car of this category. Maybe an SUV for the, above mentioned, higher seating position. The most important things for a family car are four doors and a hatchback. A big issue for a lot of people is to use all of their trunk. Every day you can see people with huge cars who do grocery shopping for the coming week and only use half of the space they have  available. I personally find this inappropriate, especially if you think of ecology.
Summarized I think that a lot of people are taking a lot of space that they don´t need with them – every day. Maybe you should think of this too.

As an example I personally have my second Fiat 500 and never had problems with the usability of it. Even better: my girlfriend and I went on two vacations this little fellow and haven´t had any problems with the space at all. I even took a guitar with me – in the trunk along with two traveling bags and two backpacks. Of course it was a bit like Tetris to fit that all in the trunk, but it was possible.

A good side of this perspective of thinking, is that you might even be able to afford yourself a more fun car for the same purpose.
Please let me know what you guys think.



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