Car News: New VW Tuareg, all new VW Arteon, Porsche 911 GT2 RS, Ford Focus RS Blue & Black, Renault Megane RS, new Fiat Argo

This week VW shows off what they got and a lot of cars with “RS” in their names are going to hit the streets. Also there will be a new low budget car by Fiat.

VW Tuareg
After the huge success of the new VW Tiguan it isn´t a surprise that VW is also working on a new Touareg and that they are planning to release it in the near future. Of course the bigger brother of the mid sized Tiguan will have all the latest assistance systems of the brand as well as some new, or at least, updated technology. The car will be lighter, more luxurious and may feature a four cylinder for the first time. Rounded up we will be looking at a sharper design with better fuel economy and the latest gimmicks of the Volkswagen company.

VW Arteon
Speaking of the latest technology of Volkswagen we also need to take a closer look at the new Arteon. This car will take the place of the new flagship of VW. At the same time it is kind of the successor of the VW CC. Of course you can´t speak of a real successor if the name changes and I wouldn´t think of it as that as well. It is more like an updated, bigger and more grown up business four door coupe, like maybe an Audi A7. Indicators for that are the engine range with no option under 150 horsepower, a new developed suspension and the full load of technical assistants. Platform for this business bomber will be the Skoda Superb but if course with a lot of improvements.

Fiat Argo
Coming from the top of the line VW products we are now heading to some news for the lower budget community: the all new Fiat Argo. This little car car replace the, already really old, Fiat Punto and brings the fresh design language of the Fiat Tipo to the small car segment. With that in mind you can except quite nice looks on the outside as well as the inside and a built quality which you wouldn´t expect for that kind of money. The car will be released to the South American market this summer. All other countries will follow later this year.

Ford Focus RS Blue and Black
The already great Ford Focus RS just got a little better.
How can this car get even better you ask? Of course with a locking differential for the front axis. This little tweak gives the car an even better handling performance, especially if you´re driving fast turns and don´t want to drift all the time. Also the package feature some matte black details to sharpen the look and compliment the blue colour of this special edition.

Renault Megane R.S.
It seems like the letters RS are quite a big thing in this weeks news as Renault teased us with some “leaks” of the upcoming Megane R.S. The pictures showed a huge dual exhaust in the middle of the back of the car accompanied by a massive diffuser and wide wheel housings. Bringing those parts together, we will be looking at an aggressive hot hatch monster. Unfortunately there aren´t any confirmed performance figures but we can expect at least 300 horsepower and maybe a new record for front wheel drive cars on the Nürburgring.

Porsche GT2 RS
Last but not least there is some new footage of the all new Porsche GT2 RS track beast. For those of you who haven´t heard about this massive machine yet: we are speaking of a twin-turbo, rear-wheel-drive sports car with up to 700 horsepower. I don´t know what you guys think of that, but I can´t wait to see those monsters on the streets.

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