Almost forgotten pocket rocket: The Autobianci/Lancia A112 Abarth

Hot hatchbacks are a the perfect solution for people who are looking for a sportscar experience at a reasonable price tag, or people who want to combine practicality with performance. Altogether they are always a good deal and my personal favorite type of cars. But one thing that not many people know is that the idea isn’t new. There were cars like this around for quite a while now.

One of those old school hot hatches is the Autobianchi or Lancia A112 Abarth. This little car was produced for almost 20 years, beginning in the early seventies. At first it was just a small car for cities and people that couldn’t afford a bigger car but wanted more comfort than, for example, the Fiat 500 of this time. The concept was quite interesting especially when you’re looking at it almost 50 years later. So was the A112 a small, relatively  comfortable car with a one liter four cylinder engine. Nowadays car concepts like those are called visionary.


But that isn’t the point as I want to focus on the Abarth model of the mid eighties. This particular model was the pinnacle of the A112. The engine was cranked to put out 70 HP, the suspension was stiffened, the seats were covered in artifical leather and the exhaust was manufactured by Abarth to create an almost Ferrari like sound. Putting that all together you can image that you had a really fun car in a really small package.


Of course the magic of the car wasn’t just created by the performance and handling. The little racer also looked pretty good. All A112 Abarths were delivered in racing red with a black matte hood, a black bodykit and an extra pair of lights to give it the full rally appearance. As you may have already noticed: I’m a fan!

Please let me know if you found that post interesting or what you would like to read about more. Also I’m always open for feedback of all kinds. Just let me know in the comments down below.



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