IAA 2017: The wild seventies!


Most of you guys might have heard that the IAA, the international automotive exhibition, took place in Frankfurt for the last two weeks. Of course there was a lot of coverage of the latest cars, new concepts and the technology of the future. As every important automotive blog has kept us all up to date during the time of the fair, I thought that I should focus on something else than the latest news. That’s why I wanted to bring you guys all the information I could get about the exhibition “the wild seventies” that was displayed along with the main show: Continue reading “IAA 2017: The wild seventies!”

Why you shouldn’t always trust in “premium brands”

One of the biggest concerns about buying a new car is the fear of buying bad quality. A fear of false investment, of being tricked by the industry and of course a fear of having to pay a lot more money than expected after the purchase is already done. That’s why a lot of people tend to buy premium brands regardless of the car they are looking for. Now I would like to tell you that quality differences are much smaller than you would expect. Continue reading “Why you shouldn’t always trust in “premium brands””

Fiat 600 Multipla: A crazy combination!

As you guys might already know, I’m a real sucker for italian cars of all kinds. So I am, of course, also a big fan of the iconic Fiat 500. A car of a car whole generation, like the VW Beetle for the Germans or the Ford Mustang for Americans. But, like all those other iconic cars, the 500 had a a not so popular brother: The Fiat Seicento or, for all other countries, the Fiat 600. Continue reading “Fiat 600 Multipla: A crazy combination!”

Almost forgotten pocket rocket: The Autobianci/Lancia A112 Abarth

Hot hatchbacks are a the perfect solution for people who are looking for a sportscar experience at a reasonable price tag, or people who want to combine practicality with performance. Altogether they are always a good deal and my personal favorite type of cars. But one thing that not many people know is that the idea isn’t new. There were cars like this around for quite a while now.

Continue reading “Almost forgotten pocket rocket: The Autobianci/Lancia A112 Abarth”

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